Hey anyone interested in checking these songs out, have a listen and let me know what you think!!! If your a member of d.music leave a comment on my page!!!! Anyway I'm not singing on the tracks just playing all the guitar parts!!! So check them out and let me know what you think!!!

Ok I know this is out of tune but for those of you who wanna listen also listen to Lithium. That one is in tune.
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Smells like you're out of tune on that one.

War Pigs was too muddy, and the


chords were too sudden, you need to slide them. Too much distortion too, but.. erm.. yeah.
Smells Like - ...vocals arent bad, might just be my CPU, but during the chorus, the bass sounds too loud, it drowns out the guitar. Solo is good, notes are right. If you have a distortion pedal with a CHORUS button on it, turn on CHORUS during the solo for added effect. 7.5/10

WAR PIGS- all around good, vocals are really good
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Wow, that looks extremely good, thank you mcuhly RadioHead22, for your amazing gift of foodiness.

that was bad... think of it this way, if you are going to cover a song make sure its better than the original otherwise you are just butchering Kurt's work. No offence to you intended loads of people do it.

your really out of tune.

the solo part is pretty good you didn't mess up any timing anywhere. All in all nice job, keep practicing and get a tuner.

Crit for Crit

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

1) the riff/chord progression sounded very weird and out tune. you gotta keep the guitar in tune, it really took off the song because it sounded bad to me.

2) Solo sounds accurate to me.

3) i give it 5/10, mainly because the guitar was out of tune.

War Pigs

1) you should tone down the distortion because not even sabbath used it so much in the studio version

2) rhythm isn't too bad, but you should practice that A LOT more then trying to get the licks down so much.

3) your tone sounds pretty bad to me

4) the solo was okay, but again you should work on the rhythm a bit more

5) overall not bad but needs some work. 6/10

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What was up w./ the guitar on SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! Make sure your in standard tunning, my band tried in down half step, but it still didnt sound as bad as yours.
Firstly the reason Smells Like sounds out is because it is a half step down, also it might sound out because I recorded each part twice!!! One for each channel, which I'm sure you all know isn't all that easy when your doing this sort of stuff for the first time!!! I'm still a beginner so I appreciate your input.But I can't wait to hear your versions of these songs!!! I'm sure you all know that War Pigs is a pretty huge song and I know that my version has a few mistakes but it is all trial and error for me so I appreciate your input on them!!!! Now I challenge you all to cover the songs and see how you compare to mine!!!!! I'll take your criticism on board and re-record them and then post them back up!!!!!
Yeah please make sure to make the song in tune

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Yeah I'm gonna re-record it!! After recording I realised I'd left my guitar in 1/2 step down tuning from playing sabbath stuff!!!! I just couldn't be bothered fixing it up and just uploaded it as it was!!! Thats why it sounds out but thanks for the listen!!!!
Hello. Have you ever heard of a guitar tuner? I would like to point out you suck my butt crack. Yes, it is possible to suck a butt crack. The only part that sounds any good is the verse, and all you do in that is play 2 notes over and over. And you only just manage that. In the chorus it sounds like you gave a retard a guitar and threw him underwater. Have a nice day.
Listen, For those of you who gave me constructive criticism thank you I appreciate what you have told me. When I recorded this I didn't realise I'd left my guitar in 1/2 step down tuning, I'd been playing some Sabbath. Now I recorded this and I honestly thought that it did sound a bit strange but being a beginner I couldn't quite pick out why!!! Now that I know that I hadn't tuned my guitar back to standard....yes I do have a tuner and I do know how to use it thank you very much, I now understand why it sounded out!!! Maybe my playing isn't top notch either but I am trying to improve!!!! Also I experimented with recording this using 2 channels so I had to play each part twice and try to keep them the same. As my first attempt at this I wasn't that good!!! But like I said at least i am trying. So please, please, please try not to be stupid and tell me that i'm a retard or to suck your butt crack or whatever, just tell me how I can improve it and don't tell me to give up or anything like that cause I wouldn't do it to you!!! So thank you again to those who gave me their time to listen and give me some feedback.
See this is what I mean ^^^^^ seriously why does anyone bother playing when you have to put up with this. I get the picture that there is something wrong with the song thank you!!! AC DC METALLICA just grow up!! Say all you want I know that I will improve and that at one stage in your life you were at the same level as me. I can only improve from here, the only way to improve is to admit, and be told that you have faults. But obviously we all can't be as perfect as AC DC METALLICA at 15.
Smells like teen spirit: you are horribly out of tune.

However, i give a big thumbs up to the singing on their. It's damn close to Cobain, so that's really good.

Just make sure your guitar's in tune.
What do you mean thanks? That singing isnt you. I've got that backing track, and seen several other people use it. Dont take credit for whats not yours fag nuts
tone your guitar dude!!!

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Hm.....well, still, even if your guitar was tuned down a half step, it wasnt tuned correctly. Just a hair off on one string, it just affected the entire song. It's obvious that you know how to play the song correctly, so I ask you to re-record, and post it again when it's perfect.

War pigs, on the other hand, was decent. Tone was pretty close to Sabbath's, very murky and sludgy, but as said before, a bit too much gain. Some of the parts were a bit too choppy, but it was a good cover, especially the double tracked solo.
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Thats not true. He plays it completely correctly you tard, his tuning just sucks.

By beginner you mean...?
As I said on da site(I'm Guitarded), your War Pigs cover is great but the soloing was a little off. Your tone was a little muddy but pretty close, trying turing the tone up a notch. I'm going to cover War Pigs soon, so well see how mine turns out.
Jesus Christ, give the guy a break. He probably realized he was out of tune when the 1st person told him, did you really need to tell him 10 more times?