What would you all say is a great amp for someone who likes classic rock, does NOT like metal or hard rock or punk or emo and basically wants clean tone but would most of the time like that overdriven sound that sounds clean yet really electric/digital/cutthrough, and not crunch sounding.

I was watching this video and the guy turned the volume on his guitar to half and it had crunch, 3/4 volume more crunch/heavy distortion then full volume and it had a really sweet overdriven tone that didn't sound crunchy at all, wtf? He was using a Boss DS-1.

Anyway back to the amp.
-Needs to sound good at low levels for playing in my bedroom in my house
-Needs to sound sweet/warm, have good cleans
-Good for recording stuff
-Able to do a small gig

I could also use a pedal for the overdriven/distortion sound I'm looking for

Edit: Tube only please
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This screams AC30 to me.
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A lot of people have said that Marshal MG's suck.. not to mention I'd never need that kind of power.

Anyway I forgot to mention I'm looking for tube amps only