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its not tube so it cant be that good.

LoL what a useless post,

I never tried that amp but heard allot of bad things about it,and after reading about it it doesn't sound like it would have a good sound,if your looking for a metal amp fender is probably one of the last companies to look into.
I used to have one. A M-80 with bright red knobs and grey astroturf on it, 100w 1x12. Cleans suck. EQ doesn't apply to distortion channel. Footswitch is cheap. Distortion is reminiscent of a large, more ballsy Marshall MG. I got mine used for $200. It was my second amp ever.
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Thanxs for the input, the guy who lives upstairs was askin $150 for it. I think i'll save my cash towards a better amp. I should mention i know nothing about amps, I play acoutic was thinkin ive buying a new electric.