How can I get more distortion from a jcm800 combo 4104. I have heard you should use overdrive because distortion destroys the great tone. I dont want distortion I just want something to boost my amp gain. such as an overdrive or booster of some sort. I just need to know about them. Would a ts808 be able to give me enough gain for metallica and megadeth and yngwie. what about a boss super overdrive, does it give more or less gain? also what about those new MXR overdrives and boosters? Would somthing such as a mxr micro amp be what im looking for? I just want to boost it to get more gain. Does a micro amp do that or does it just give more volume? any suggestions on overdrives or boosters would be appreciated. Also, could someone tell me why its not smart to use a distortion pedal on good tubes amps like that. Randy Rhoades used a mxr distortion +. thanks!
i would suggest a tubescreamer. i always hear people reccomend it when someone is looking for a gain boost
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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If you buy from Musicians Friend and dont like them you can get full refunds or exchanges for 30 days so experiment, Ive never played an 800 but what Im saying is a regular distortion pedal (not one of these buzz bomb uber death metal pedals) with the distortion knob turned down sounds very much like an overdrive pedal with its distortion knob turned all the way up.
what would be better a boss super overdrive or a ts808. and are vintage ts808 really better and how?
would an eq boost my gain to allow me to get that kind of distortion? and what about those new MXR booster has anyone checked them out?
i heard the mxr 10 band eq pedal does a good job of boosting gain and shaping your lead tone...

if i had the cash to buy a pedal right now that would be it.
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Which one really depends on your budget.

I'm very happy with my Keeley modded boss SD-1. It's pricey though.

Tubescreamers are also good, but try them first. I prefer them more as a solo boost only. The SD-1 does an amazing job as an overall gain to tone boost, great for both rythmn and lead.
Ok, to get more distortion from your amp you can do it several ways-

A Flat EQ boost- Taking an EQ pedal and uping all of the levels to get more gain

A "clean" boost- A boost that doesn't alter the tone, this can be done with OD/Distortion pedals with the gain/level cranked up and the drive/distortion turned down, or by a boost specifically designed to boost your signal without changing the tone.

An Overdrive Pedal- Generally smoother than a Distortion as a boost, this works well to tighten your tone up as well as add a bit of balls/drive/distortion to it. Good for giving your amp that 'nudge' into another territory of gain.

A Distortion Pedal- Generally raunchier or rougher than OD, people use this if they really need to get their amplifier into a different gain territory. Some like the extra crunch that they can give, and a decent lower lvl Distortion pedal sounds great through a tube amp, achieving a nice agressive bite. Cheap high gain pedals, however, suck for boosting.

Another way to get a distortion tone through your amp is to use the clean channel and use a high end distortion or Preamp. Mesa/Boogie, ENGL, Krank among several others make great sounding Distortion units that work well through tube amps.

My advice-

Select the one which would suit you the most. If you're going for uber-high-gain you might want to check out a high end distortion pedal like a Mesa, if you want just a small nudge check out an OD or step it up a notch to distortion. If you want a nice transparent volume boost for lead work use an EQ pedal.
can really try them out unless i got to a store.. and they dont let you turn it up hardly at all.. lol umm how does distortion pedals sound with a tube amp? ****? i know randy rhoades used a mxr distortion plus, would distortion like that pedal or a metal zone be a good option?
The thing with using distortion pedals as a boost..

You don't want a pedal with so much gain or distortion that its overbearing and your amp sounds like whatever pedal you use.

A metalzone would be a horrible option.

If the store wants to sell the product they'll let you turn it up as loudly as you want. If they don't wanna sell it so bad then I guess you can go to another store that does. Or maybe try going at a time when it isnt so packed?

Are you that bad at guitaring? lol
Swicked, thats very helpful thanks! Couple more questions though. So I should get somthing to boost my amp gain. So i was thinking either an overdrive pedal or some kind of booster. Any recommendations for something to give me more distortion, Mxr has some funky looking boosters?
Id say go with an overdrive pedal like a boss, its cheap and very good
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ok, why do people by overdrives? why dont they just buy those pedals like the MXR micro amp. Isnt that made to just give more distortion out of your amp. Like it boosts the amp overdrive harder?? why overdrive (they change ur tone i think), when people can get one that just gives amps natural distortion a boost. thanks again