Through sound clips or specific songs?

Even better would be if you could show me the difference in relation to actual pedals, since that's what I"m trying to figure out which one I want.

Anyone know of a good explanation site for all the settings there are to control things like od/dis?
They're the same thing, although people usually use "overdrive" to describe a not-as-distorted sound, like in, say, a Cream song. "Distortion" is usually used to describe a heavier tone, such as Metallica's tone.
So basically I want to stay away from the far right side of the spectrum (distortion)
I want a clean but overdriven/electric sound.. like no fuzz/distortion crunch kind of sound?

I don't mean always though, it'd be nice to have a nice classic rock distortion once in a while too
get a distortion pedal, they can make overdrive sounds anyway with the turn of a knob
overdrive is sh*t!
distortion is where its at \M/!
so say a Boss DS-1, only like $38..

can I get a sound that's overdriven but NOT crunchy or distorted?

In other words, a very clean sound but still very "electric"
Overdrive is like, a more intense sound used for like, choruses while distortion is like, well...distorted.
Quote by amazingdm
THIS tone


that's not me but he's playing a Steve Vai sound.. I like that kind of sound

its just that hes playing single notes. if he were to hit chords then it would sound distorted.
just flip on some reverb, switch to the neck pickup, and add distortion (as much as needed, every amp gives diffrent amounts). you probably wont get the exact tone because thats hard to accomplish (with such a great tone that steve vai gets). but it should be as close as your gear will get you.

oh and btw, Steve Vai uses a DS-1
Ya I figured it was probably single notes and that's why

so I should get the DS-1 eh?
sweet, I don't need to spend twice as much on the OS-2