I have about 750 bucks, maybe even 1000 max (depending on how much I get paid this summer at my job) and am looking to buy a new tube amp. I play mostly rock, punk, and some metal (nothing extremely heavy). Any suggestions on what to get? It can be new or used. Probably about 50 watts, around that area.

Two possible Amps which I have thought about are the Peavey Valve King 112 and Marshall DSL401. Would either of them be good choices?
Well I guess the stuff I play ranges from stuff like The Misfits, Blink-182 to bands like Nirvana. Lately I've been playing more and more Metallica though.


please, hear me. I am a self'admitted Re_Noob. I haven't touched an electric guitar in 8 years. but i trust my own judgement, and i live by the rule of learning from ...


Ever since I had read about Mesa Boogies back in '85, i had always been somehow drawn by heart to them.

I bought a Gallien Kruegger 250ml. $400 new. i built a homemeade pair of cabinet speakers.

that setup flamed some blistering sounds. it got stolen, along with a whole lot of other crap

i have some compositions on tape. it's ambient death metal.

to cut this story short, i've been doing research and asking questions here. and i've learned alot.

my advice to you. if you do your research, and you know what's good and bad, and right and wrong for your style, then rely on your knowledge and go seek out fair deals.

in my opinion, they wont be found in brand new product. hence my

I agree, I think, with the above post. You can usually get a really nice amp for used. For $1,000, you might even be able to get a Boogie Mark IV used, which is the greatest amp in existence. Objectively. And if you ever sell it, you won't be taking as big of a hit as you would selling something you bought new.
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