Peavey Valve King 112 or a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT
I play classic rock, hard rock, a little metal.
i'm a re_noob

I found the Molten-Metal in my Boogie 50 caliber.

I found a silky-cream in my Boogie 50 caliber.

i'd started out staring at the spiders

but in the back of my mind there was the Boogie.

A Randall model i was reading about looked like a blazing, assault machine.

i just started looking on craigslist and


so i paid a BIN price of 575 USD. from brad owens, btw. and i got me a 50 caliber Boogie

So bite down all you fakers. you gonna get splattered by my 50 caliber spitter

you quarter-pounder baby-sitters.

You bitter?
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