Im getting an old marshall JCM800 combo. I belive that it doesnt have the right socket need to hook up the PA and other speakers. How would i gig with it if i cant hook it up to anything. Would I have to put a bloody mic infront of it or something? Is there anyway to make the input it needs?
Dude, even with half stacks you mic your amp to run it into the house sound system. You can gig with it just fine. Even with running it into the house sound you won't crank your amp.
yeah, just mike it. that shouldn't be too much of a hassle, right?
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why wont I crank my amp? Can i run it through a sound system at a gig and crank it? and is it lower quality. and can you explain how to mic them what exactlly do you do just put a standard mic infront of it?
yeah but I want the sound of a cranked amp.... and wont it sound worse liek that?? with the mic infront of it?
well can anyone tell me the sound quality of a miced amp compared to one with a plug. and what do most people do like all the famous guitarists do with their marshalls. What do Hendrxi do a woodstock? Is micing all they could do? thanks
Don't quote me on this, but yeah, 'guess they did.
I don't see the problem, if you're doing a properly organized gig there should be proper mics around, and your sound will hardly be affected. And if you like your amp cranked you can always turn it up and then not-crank it on the mix so it sounds cranked through the entire venue. Simple, innit?
ahh very nice, also im just wonder about like watch how many people have the plugs. I would guess more people dont than people do so yeah. do more people have to mic their amp at gigs or do most amps have a plug?
most people mic, and most amps have a plug

using a mic is far easier and less hassle than having to get in there and look at all these tiny sockets, putting little tiny plugs in them and then routing a million cables towards your PA. Though I expect the overal quality of the sound would be a bit better if you did.