What is the differnce between puting pedals inbetween your guitar and amp and through an effects loops. Is there a sound differnce?
From what I can tell... yes. I had my Whammy going through the effects loop with my wah... and man.... SUCKED. The wah was in the wrong sequence and made a quacking noise to where I wanted to sell it. Man, hooked it up through the amp, problem solved. My Sequence is this, boss tuner pedal, wah, and whammy through the amp. Then I have my other Boss effects running through my effects loop. Works flippin' great.
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OD/distortions, wah, whammy, volume, and my pref flanger sound better going to the input after guitar. Delay definately sounds better thru back in effects loop, Chorus also. For some reason the harmonist patches on my Boss ME50 multi effect pedal sounds better thru the rear effects loop unlike a whammy I used to have, but the whammy also changed pitch interval with the expression pedal so thats prob why. The Boss Harmonist on the ME50 sounds way better than the whammy used to it sings like an Eventide unlike the crappy thin sound the whammy made.
Well timebased effects (delay,chorus and similar) sounds better in the loop. Distortion, overdrice wah, whammy, volume pedal adn so on sounds betetr in front of the amp.
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