I have it if anyone wants it.

EDIT: This link is faster than me sending it: http://forum.darklyrics.com/read.php?5,515877

aim - yeahee x core


Worth a listen if you're curious,
Not worth a listen if you're thinking of quality BTBAM.

The cover of Queen's "Bicycle Race" is absolutely hilarious.
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downloading...but why do they have to be such high quality...i hate when people host 3 min songs at 384k and stuff..its so ...pointless....

Sweet, thanks for that link. Ive been waiting to hear Bicycle Race for a long time now.
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I just downloaded it. It's an ok album, the Bicycle Race cover is hilarious and I'm quite fond of the Cemetary Gates cover.
Thanks a lot d00d.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Cemetery Gates owns so hard.

edit: hahahaaha bicycle race is ****ing awesome
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Oh my God.
Cemetary Gates cover is amazing.
I've been a Pantera fan since I was like 11.
I really like that.
It's alright. I think I was way too hyped for it.

I thought they were gonna add more BTBAM to the songs... I guess they did but I think I was expecting way too much.
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Yeah, it's not like no one would have found it. Brandon found it and gave part of it to me already, actually. I just wasnt thinking to post a place to get it here.
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I wouldn't of found it. That's one of the main reasons why I still post here. Ahh well. And - yeah. Man, I swear you've spent all day on UG today SS :P

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the 11th song wont ever download for me. Also I had to redownload over half of them again today after I did it last night because they just quit working.
You know, I was kind let down by the Cemetary Gates cover but Geek USA, Bicylce Races, and The I Tried to Live all ****ing OWN.
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