Well. I've been playing my MRW copy Les Paul for awhile now. And people keep telling me to change the humbuckers. So, I don't know what to change them too. I play alot of Guns N' Roses, and Sabbath. And other classic hard rock. I'm also looking for somehting that has a nice blues tone to it. And somehting that will make the clean channel on my MG50 sound better too. But then somehting that can handle some heavy stuff like metallica. And still sound good. My price range is $50-$170

I was looking at Alnico 2 Pro Pick-ups, one of my friends said to find out what kind of wood my guitar is made out of. Does that matter?
Yeah. Mahogany has a warmer sound, so it will take the high end off bright pickups, like the Duncan JB. Alder, maple, and ash all sound brighter, so that a bright pickup will sound harsh or shrill. Honestly, I'd change your amp before changing your pickups. You really need a good amp to appreciate the differences after a pickup swap.
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