so for the past year i have been custom painting guitars for clients because i was making no money at the pizza place where i worked (used to work). it startred out because my frind had a shirt i wanted and i told him id paint his bass. i did a fantasic job and i thought, i could do this for money.

that is what he wanted me to do, not my choice of anyhting on it. if it was my decision i wouldnt have done the name or the heartagram, rikki-lee is the guys girlfrind at the time, they broke up, i laughed. and im not one for HIM. the guitar was originally blue.

ok that was just the first insturment i ever painted. so my favorote project that i did for a friend of a friend of a friend of mine that caught wind of my custom paintjobs. he brought me this ugly guitar:

the sparkle flake was actually textured!

there was a bunch of stickers on the back, when i peeled those off, it peeled the clear coat off!. with much frustration i gave up sanding paint off for about 2 weeks, then i realized i need money. i bought a big can of paint stripper. now it was like going back in time. i got past the blue... it was pink! pale pink! i couldnt belive it, now i know why some amateur painted it blue, cause he couldnt stand it! after getting through the pink i found thick clear coat. so the guitar was origanaly natural. at this point i thought, "who would paint this guitar pink?" i with i had during pictures but i only found out about this website a couple months ago and i did this guitar about 5 months ago. now, he wanted the pickguard painted too. he wanted red and blaco zebra stripes all over the guitar. it took about 2 hours to mask off all those stripes after the red. anyways, here is the final project:

now i dont know if you notice, but there is paint dripping in places. well, im kind of an impatient guy, the clear coat dissolved my paint. i was pissed. now ive learned my lesson (let paint dry for over a week before clear, not a day) i dont know what i was thinking. anyways. my favorote part is the knobs which i painted black, and the numbers and letters are painted red! i offered to buy the guitar off of him after i finnished painting it. instead i got $150 he got the idea for the zebra because he came into my romm and saw my zebra obsession

thats a mid stage of my pink floyd lp

tell me what you guys think! what you thought could of been better?
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wow, that is freaking awesome. i can see why youd want to buy it. you did a really good job on it.
The paint-drippage sucks, are you gonna redo it?
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no. i cant. its not my guitar. its a customers guitar its long gone. he was really happy with it and he thought the paint drippage looked cool. if it was my guitar i woulda redone it. i was rushed. there thats my lame excuse
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The paint-drippage sucks, are you gonna redo it?

I'm not so sure he should, I mean it's his choice but it gives the guitar uniqueness on top of its uniqueness. It's kind of how like (I can't remember who right now) has that guitar that was dipped in liquid metal or something but there's always gonna be a blemish. I don't know what I'm saying.
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joe satriani?

i heard about that aswell, but i don't think he actually was able to dip it because it burned the wood out of shape.

by the way pretty cool, personally i think the first ones the best
it was a cort, no idea what model it was cause i wanted one. it was so dirty, it put distortion on clean. i loved it. i tryed doing to internet research and i didnt find anything.
that looks cool!...i like your amp and pedal....in the future (hopefully near future) i hope to buy a cheap guitar and paint Black and White zebra stripes on it, it looks kick ass.
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I like the knobs on the zebra guitar too, how did you get that? I just sprayed mine with a metallic blue and it happened that the paint would seem and make it dark on parts which is what I wanted, but how did you manage the red and black?

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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Any ideas on the model of the "ugly" guitar?

Looks almost like a Jag-Stang copy.

Thos paint jobs are awesome, dude! Mind telling me the steps of the zebra stripes? Did you mask the whole guitar with painters tape, and cut out the stripes with like a razorblade or something?
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to paint the knobs i sprayd them matte black and then painted the recessed grooves with white. i just kind of globbed them in and womed the surface with a damp paper towel. then the red. the way i painted the body is i painted the whole thing red because your supposed to do lighter colors first then darker. then i let it dry and masked of... pretty much the entire guitar. with that wide masking tape. then i just drew a line down the middle and just improvised. then painted black and took it all off... it was realy hard... took so long to cut it out. and make them match to the other side. but i like how it turned out.