that musiciansfriend.com will sell a returned guitar in new condition as new?

I think this is what happened to me the first Strat I ordered.. it was missing a couple things and had a fat crack near the neck..
musicians friend is usually good, my friend bought a dean zx and it was perfect, even in tune and it doesn't have a locking system or any sort.

i guess you just have bad luck
Infact lots of online website do that. Especially when you are located far from their source. Personally I know that one famous online jap stores(dont wish to mention names) does that. Depends on yr luck
did you send it back again?

another thing I noticed under their return policy is that it says "mouthpieces are subject to a sterilization fee"

eeeeeeeeeeeeewww they sell used mouthpieces
Try a site like Woodwind and Brasswind. They rate their returned stuff at several different levels and even offer one year manufacturer warranties on some of their used equipment categories.