i have been playing for about 6 months, i TRY to play all sorts,acdc,white stripes,chili's but i also like the jingly jangly johnny marr sound,i have seen a vox ad-30vt for about £120 good choice or not?
i play a epiphone g-400
and i have a toneworks ax 1500g
any suggestions ??
my budget is under £200
i only play by myself and i dont need something thats gonna blow my windows out
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decent comprehensive guide to amps with lists of tops ones for low/mid/high gain in different price ranges. have fun choosing!.

By the way, I just purchased an AD30VT myself and am pleasantly satisfied. I was choosing between the Laney LC15, which is actually an all tube amp so I preferred it. However, the AD30VT was cheaper and I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment..so I opted for that because I already have a Fender tube head with half stack for gigs and volume..Nonetheless, the AD30VT is plenty loud for just practicing. In fact, an AD15VT would also be more than loud enough but go for the AD30VT in case you might want to do small gigs later or something. I also believe it has a couple more features and a line out jack so you can hook up a small cab or whatnot. As for if the price that you asked was good or not, I'm not exactly sure of the conversion into US dollars..but on the link with the lists, it has both dollars and pounds so check it out.

Hope that helps!

Oh yeah, and most importantly, you should always try out the amps and listen to them for yourself because everyone has different preferences and opinions when it comes to what tones and which amps sound good or not!