I was talking to a friend today and they where saying that jimmy page played on a The Rolling Stones song. Does anyone know if this is real or not?
From what I know, Page played with The Rolling Stones atleast quite often.

As you may or may not know, Jimmy Page started out his career as a very popular sessions musician who played with many bands.

One such song that Page played with The Rolling Stones was when they recorded an alternative version of "Heart of Stone". Page also jammed with Keith Richards in a VERY rare bootleg of Robert Johnson's "Little Queen of Spades".

Page, however, played with the Stones quite often in the studio, so there isn't just one song by the Stones you could find Page on.

Hope that helped. Also, next time, any Page-related threads should be placed in the ONLY Led Zeppelin Thread.

I'm guessing your talking about the "Sympathy For The Devil" which is often mis-credited to the 3 famous Yardbirds guitarists Page, Clapton and Beck
However none of them played the solo, it was Keith
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I knew JImmy was a session guitarist for the Kinks, the Who and a couple other bands, but never knew the Stones. Sweet info.

Yeah. He also played on Joe Cocker's With a Little Help From My Friends album.