i want to get a Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar for only $150. all the reviews seem like its a pretty nice guitar and ive checked it out and liked it. (it would be like $1000+ with Gibson written on top of it if that matters )

good deal??
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Check out the favorite inexpensive guitars thread. But, if you've read user reviews and played and liked what you've picked out, you've done more than most before they buy.
If I may throw in my two cents worth? I?ve had four deliveries of the OE30 to my front door (all in the cherry red), as well as three Epiphone guitars of the same genre. Plus I own an honest-to-goodness Gibson LP, and two other acoustics. And here?s how I would like to answer the critics of the OE30:

When I first contemplated ordering an OE30, it was after 3 LOUSY Epiphones had been waltzed through my front door, and all 3 were returned. One of the 3 sounded fairly good, but the other 2 had serious issues? let me correct, that, they had a serious subscription. And those Epiphones ran about 3 times the price of the OE30. I kept hearing about how excellent the OE30s were, but I just couldn?t believe that anything good could come out of a $150 price tag? not in this lifetime.

But I knew about a fellow named Damien at musican.com (who I always ask for when I call) and I trusted him enough to ask him about the OE30 and then agreed to have one delivered to my home. I did this knowing full well that if the guitar was a lame-oh piece of lumber, that he?d take it back without any cost to me. So I had the first one delivered and let me tell you, the fit and finish was well above what I saw with the Epiphones. One of the first things I noticed was that they did the binding around the f-holes, which Epiphone does not. But the overall finish of the staining and the gloss was amazing. Again, so much better than the Epiphone. The neck was perfect, the chrome work was perfect? I kept looking for flaws, but could not find them. I?m near sighted, so I took off the glasses and got a really close look to make sure this guitar was as good as I thought it was. Result: I was in shock for about a week over just the fit and finish.

But then there was the first ceremonial ?plugging into the amp?? I just knew this pretty guitar was going to sound like a wal-mart fiddle? but I was wrong, it was saweeet. Yep, the Vinci strings that came on it were too wimpy, and had to be replaced by some Earnie Ball strings? I had to lower the action a bit, and then I carefully set the bridge to get the intonation right on all the strings. But once all this was done and it was plugged back into the amp? well, ?wow? just doesn?t do it justice. This guitar flat out sounds as nice as it looks. The uncovered Washburn humbuckers are fairly hot, and truthfully, not that far from what I?ve found with the covered humbuckers on the Epiphone dot deluxe? no kidding. I just had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn?t hallucinating when I gloated over the fact that it was about a 1/3 of the Epiphone?s cost. It didn?t not take me long to start thinking, now since I was willing to pay for the Epiphone, and it cost 3 times the price, then maybe I owe to myself to order two more of these axes? hmmm, what other colors does it come in?

Now about the critic?s comments?
1- Yes, the OE30 has a set neck. But the sustain does not suffer as much as you might think. Plus, if the neck is ever busted, it?s very inexpensive to replace (unlike the Gibson or the Epiphone).
2- Yes, the OE30 is not a Gibson 335, but neither is the Epiphone. And the Gibson costs about 15 times the price of the OE30. And I?ve read where some fellows who owned the OE30 and the Gibson said that the OE30 was surprisingly close. And maybe I?m a wimp, but the thought of keeping dings and scratches off the Gibson would just terrify me. I?ve already dinged the OE30 a couple of times, and just reminded myself, it?s only 150 bucks.
3- Yes, the OE30 comes with lousy strings, even had one delivered with rusty strings. But strings cost about $5, and Damien had some strings sent out to replace the rusty ones within a few microseconds of my complaint. Now that?s service.
4- Yes, the OE30 needed to have the strings lowered and the intonation set. But every high dollar guitar that I?ve ever purchased needed the same to some degree.
5- Yes, some OE30?s aren?t as good as others? and in fact, some probably need to be split up into kindling. But again, that?s been proven true to me for about every brand I?ve ever picked on. And since musician.com will gleefully exchange it for another (as well as some other internet companies), that?s not stopped be from buying the for my friends.
6- Yes, the strings would not stay in tune? but that was because they were NEW strings. Come on guys, new strings take about a week of solid playing to get the idea of what they?re supposed to do. The tuners on this guitar was just fine and dandy.
7- Yes, if you use the guitar to hammer railroad spikes into the ground, or if you have your pet cow sit on the body of the guitar, or if you use the neck to bat softballs out to your nephew? then it?s going to break. I?ve noticed that some guys just shred guitars, and no matter what brand they have, they tear ?em up. The OE30 is an ?instrument?? as such, I requires, it deserves, some respect in the care and feeding department.

And by the way, I?m not Damien?s mom? I?m just a guy who has too many guitars and is tickled to death that I found a fellow and his company who still believe that the customer -not profits- comes first. And as others have already said, for the money, you would be hard pressed to find a better guitar. Heck, for 2 to 3 times the price, you may still be hard pressed to find a better guitar.

I sure hope this helps the OE30 shoppers out there make the right decision.
I guess the OE30 is a hit and miss. They look amazing I have to say.