OK well I have been searching for a new amp recently and have come across the roland cube range and vox valvetronics range, and I was wondering which one you guys wouold reccomend, the models i am thinking off are

the Roland cube 60 (£139 ex demo from gak)
Vox ad50vt (£200 from gak).
I mostly play metal and classic rock, and have a budget of aound £200 but i can go a bit out out if this.

If you have any more suggestions post em here.

If you like a lot of gain for heavy metal or thrash metal then go for the Cube. It still has other great modelled amps and nice cleans.
The cleans and the classic rock model on the Valvetronix amp are better but personally I find it weak for metal, it doesn't have enough gain for heavy palm muting in my opinion.
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Quote by Invictious
The cube 30w all the way.

u did mean 60 wat right its way better
VOX AD50 VT+crappy "Fender" from COSTCO!=ok tone!
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I Personally Have a Roland Micro Cube...& I Love it...Go for the Cube dude...I PROMISE that you will NOT be Dissapointed!!
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