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Can anybody actually tab every song on Steve Vai's most recent outing; Real Illusions: Reflections?
There are a few out there (Building the Church, Glorious, Km-Pee-Du-Wee, Lotus Feet), but i'd appreciate anyone who can tab the album finale song 'Under It All'(... It is such a great song!) and 'Freak Show Excess', just so i can drewl all over the keyboard when i see how difficult it is
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I still haven't bought it, no cd shops have had in stock, then again I haven't been out specifially looking or asking for it. But when i get money and can be bothered, i'll buy, then start attempting to tab, when the first note is down, i'm giving up.
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Well, Freak Show Excess incorporates some weird time signatures and the usual über-difficult Vai-licks, so it's not easy to tab. Besides, who would want to tab Under It All? It's a great song, but there's really no point in learning to play it.
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There's a guy on the forums who apparently is a tabber for some guitar magazine and he's tabbed all of them. Look on there to see if you can find any?
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