Can anybody actually tab every song on Steve Vai's most recent outing; Real Illusions: Reflections?
There are a few out there (Building the Church, Glorious, Km-Pee-Du-Wee, Lotus Feet), but i'd appreciate anyone who can tab the album finale song 'Under It All'(... It is such a great song!) and 'Freak Show Excess', just so i can drewl all over the keyboard when i see how difficult it is
I still haven't bought it, no cd shops have had in stock, then again I haven't been out specifially looking or asking for it. But when i get money and can be bothered, i'll buy, then start attempting to tab, when the first note is down, i'm giving up.
Well, Freak Show Excess incorporates some weird time signatures and the usual über-difficult Vai-licks, so it's not easy to tab. Besides, who would want to tab Under It All? It's a great song, but there's really no point in learning to play it.
There's a guy on the vai.com forums who apparently is a tabber for some guitar magazine and he's tabbed all of them. Look on there to see if you can find any?
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