to play nu-metal, for 500$ USD
This would be my 2nd guitar, I have an Ibanez GRX 40 and a Cube 60
I like Disturbed, SOAD, Korn, Rammstein, Slipknot, Sevendust, and so on...
Schecter C-1 Blackjack
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Schecter C-1 Blackjack

naw... this is better


and its $50 less
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he's right, and he plays prs so that's proof.
for some of those bands you might need a seven string
schecter damian
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wow... so many different guitars. Now I don't know which one to choose :P
Dont touch the Jacksons with Floyd trem theyre crap, never played schecters but maybe not bad for the money, LTD is pretty cool I like their necks but dont pick one with an agathis body they sound ****, I tried a MH with string through body and it was nice but the sound was horrible. Anyway, go for what you think suits you the best
Or wot about the rg7321 and change the pickups
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My Gear:
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus -honeyburst with Duncan Jb/59
-Crate gt65
-Boss ME-50
Future gear:
-Vox AC30 cc2
Its hard to say,you can play a type of music with any guitar.
You could even use Fenders to play nu-metal you just dont see many people do that..

Anyways go to a music store and look threw allot of guitars,plug em in to the same amp that you have at home and pick the one you like...
I can't go to a music store, thats why I'm asking for your help I trust in you XD
1. Why can't you go to a music store? You don't have to buy it there just try some.

2. If you like to play Korn more than other stuff you'll want a 7 string and I think Sevendust uses/used 7's don't they?

Also I would probably look into Schecter mostly because they seem like the best guitars for nu-metal in your price range.
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I can't go because where I live there are no near guitar centers in 100km radius or something
If you pay something like $60 more you could get a Schecter C-1 Elite. Great guitar, Duncan designer pickups, string though body, Grover tuners, 24 Frets, rosewood fretboard, inlayless (very cool actually), Fully bound, and best of all, coil tapping!!!!
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You really need to take the drive and try some of these out and do some research on the guitars you are interested in.
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I did a little research on all the guitars you guys said, and I really liked Schecter C1 Elite
What you think?
Look at the Schecter C-1 Blackjack, comes with Real Duncans (JB/59) set, mahogany body, string thru, great sustain, 5 way selector which lets you split the pups.
IMO, yes, try them out, but the Duncans are going to sound better than Duncan Designed, and it gives you more veratility with the 5 way selector. I listen to a lot of those bands you like, and I have Blackjack, it can get those sounds pretty well with a good amp and the right tuning. I'd take the Blackjack over the elite anyday
I'd say a Schecter maybe C1 blackjack or elite. I've heard great things about both.
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Dont touch the Jacksons with Floyd trem theyre crap

whoever said that, your being extremely closed minded. jackson is an EXTREMELY reliable name, that anyone should trust, also that almost half of nu-metal bands play jacksons. and lost of the ibanez s with floyd rose are not that great either, but im not gonna rip on those, because ibanez is a good brand too.

the problem with 7-strings is that if you ever want to play in a band, all guitars need to be 7 string, and basses need to be 5 string. not saying that its a bad idea, but it can be tricky if you are looking to play in a band.

from what it sounds like you would be intrested in

3. Epiphone
4. Ibanez
5. ESP

those are all very good companies that you can trust. just find one and look at it a lot, try and get samples of what it sounds like (can be difficult because of amps), but make sure you like it.

another thing is that it may not be your guitar you dont like. amps play a HUGE part in your sound.

what kind of amp do you own? (it can make a world of difference)
It is a factory "2" model since it has a few flaws in the finish. If you can live with them and are sure that they don't effect the sound quality and playability then you can get good deals most of the time.
Personally, i hate the necks on jacksons, but thats just my opinion.

If i were you, i would get an ESP. I tried an ESP AX250 at my local music stop and i absolutely loved it. i put it through a Peavey amp and cranked the distortion and it sounded amazing. the EMG's scream, the neck played like a dream, and the sustain was incredible. that ones about $50 above your price range, but its definitely worth it. plus it has sweet inlays

check it out at:

i havent played any other ESP's, but after playing that one, i would really like to