Does anyone know what effect pedals (brand and name) and amps John F. uses?

Is his strat moded at all?
I believe his main amps are a Marshall Silver Jubilee 100 and a Marshall 200W Major - For effects, I'm pretty sure most of his line up is Electro Harmonix.
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DATE: 2006-05-11 18:39:01
stevesnider Asks: What is John's effects set up?
Red Hot Chili Peppers Answers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Answers:
DATE: 2006-05-24 17:00:40
Answer from John's guitar tech Dave:
2 Marshall Amps
1 Marshall Major (1971)
I Marshall Silver Jubilee

Guitars - lately going back and forth between his 1962 Strat Fender and his new white 1961 Fender. He also plays a '55 white Gretsch Falcon
John uses an array of pedals (23 to be exact)
Boss DS2 distortion
Big Muff
Couple of Digitech delays
Electric Mistress flanger
Ibanez WH10 Wawa
Holy Grail reverb
Selection of the five mooger foogers
line 6 delay
Volume pedal

from the "ASK RHCP" section of the official site.
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as far as i've heard and seen he keeps his guitars pretty much stock... he used to play an ibanez that had after market pickups, but i can't remember which they were. He likes the way the old guitars sound, the way they were intended to sound. I love his set up and one day i will have an equally impressive set up of my own.