I have a RG350dx and it is in need of some new pickups the stock ones arnt that great.... so please help me haha. I like to play stuff by people like VanHalen,Vai,Satch,Metallica, and some acdc...
DiMarzio PAF Pros aren't bad at all.
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Yeah I got a RG350EX with a PAF Pro in the bridge, and a Vai "breed" I think its called(older sig) in the neck, and another Vai singlecoil.

Really good sounds, but VERY VERY thin so they dont really suit for metal...
You CAN Tweak them to get a good metal tone, but it takes a while - VERY versatile pickups.

Tone aplenty from the neck.
I would have to suggest probably some Seymor Duncans...Try the Pearly Gates - Expensive but have the BEST sound EVER!
My guitar teacher stuck a JB and a Pearly Gates in his Epi LP... Just heavenly.

Hope this helps ya any