alright well i have a epiphone sg special ( i know i was a noob when i bought it ) and i was wondering if i should consider getting new pickups as apposed to a brand new guitar. i mean i kinda like the sg so would new pickups be better than a brand new guitar for the money seeing they are cheaper than a brand new guitar or should i just get a better axe.
I would go for a new guitar. The Special's are really sh*tty guitars.
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I would try to hold out for a new guitar, because everything on that SG is bad, not just the pickups.
Bridge, tuners, all electronics, nut...The only good thing is maybe the wood
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alright go ahead flame me i got a line 6 spider 2 112 but the only channel i really use is the crunch and metal and i personally like the distortion on it for the most part cause there is no feedback. bu tyah i think im going with a new guitar the sg has a rosewood neck and um not sure wood for the body probably ****ty tho. its just got no tone so mine as well just get a new guitar. ill probably save up a little and get a les paul (gibson) or strat (fender) havent decided yet. since i play rock, if i go with the strat would it be better to get the fat strat or the regular
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ill probably save up a little and get a les paul (gibson)

if your saving up a little insues you buying a Gibson, then id say save up a little and buy a ibanez sz and a new amp
Get a new guitar because then you'll have an instrument that feels nice and sounds nice rather then just sounding ok.