Please dont kill me for this

Its abit different, Im looking for telecaster copies with a budget of 400USD.

I dont need awesome pickups and so (cause i already bought one set )
I just need a decent wood body (nt agathis/plywood), 22 fret neck, string through body bridge and a telecaster lookalike body (nt yamaha 311ms or something, it look wierd)

Current im looking at samick, sx, squier chambered telecaster, G&L tributes, suzuki, agile. Any personal recommendation? Thanks
schecters have tele copies too? kk going to their website to take alook now
I'd personally look into a Standard or one of the G&L's mentioned by yourself.
yeah i know that, but its 21 fret i need one with 22fret. I cant afford highway1
I'd recommend the Agile. I've heard they're great.

Also, why not just get a Fender Standard Tele? They're in your price range.
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infact i was used to 24 fret, i keep pressing 23 and 22 with my 21 fret mij strat. After using a 21 fret, its a great turn off for me, no more 21 for me

The Agile Tele copies are real nice..Grover tuners, quality wood for the price, and they come pretty well setup. If you want a solid body Tele, Rondomusic constantly updates their lineup. If you contact Kurt (owner), he responds within one day and pays close attention to customer requests for the next batch of agiles. In the past, he created 2 models that I suggested with specs that I wanted including body/neck/fretboard materials, locking tuners, bridge type, and finish color.

Make sure you get the Agile brand, not the SX brand as the quality between the two differs dramatically.
Look into the Squier one.
I tried that out when i was looking for the Esprit.. it sounds really nice however your paying a bit more for the duncan pickups and if your just swapping em its kinda pointless.
but its a very nice metalish tele

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