Hey Guys, What's up? I Have a Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H Head (120 Watt Digital Modeling Head) & I have that Head as a Half-Stack sitting on a Peavey 5150 4x12 Cabinet...I Bought Each thing Individually in October, 2005 (...The Cabinet in a Pawn Shop for REALLY-LOW $$ & The Head about 2 weeks Later because I was intrigued while the guy who owns a Music Shop near where I live was trying to sell it to me...)
I Generallly Love the Head (and the Cabinet...) but on the Back of the Amp's Head....on the Back of the V-Ampire LX1200H, there's a spot for a Midi Cable to Plug in...now, I Aquired a Midi Cable... (Stole it from my father...) & I Wanna know... What is that Midi Cable-Cabability good for? What does that Enable me to do? Like Plug it into my Computer or something?? I'm just Curious...
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MIDI would essentially allow you to plug in a MIDI device (a keyboard pretty much) and the amp would amplify the signal going into it. Allow you to EQ it, whatnot, then finally you run another cable from the MIDI out into another interface if you want, or output to speakers.