Yeah so thats the question. I really love the feel of a FENDER stratocaster (not squier), and the black and white coloring. Can you get them with humbuckers?
you can get a big apple strat which has two humbuckers, and i believe there are more models that feature dual humbucker pickups.
the fat strat
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Yeah fat strats, or just stick some humbuckers in it yourself.
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You can with the two above (Id go for the fat strat cause it doesnt make sense to have a strat with no single coils in it) but in my opinion the stock humbuckers suck. I would replace the humbucker cause its kinda like the output of a single coil but humbucked.
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Fender do a few HH and HSS strats.

Don't think they do a SuperStrat, though.
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you said you like the black or white strats, but just mentioning Fender brought out some showmasters that are in teh 630 range i think, SSS or HH configuration i think, i think they look pretty cool, just sayin, they're basically strats with really dfancy appointments basically i think