Okay, hey everyone. The thing is, i won a bid for a fender hot rod deville just two days ago, and before i bid, the seller was really pleasant and eager to please, but since i won the bid, he hasn't replied to a single one of my mails?

WHats up with that? He's legally bound me to buy it, so he doesn't care what i think about him anymore? Im pretty mad, because i don't know what to pay in shipping, so i can't pay him yet so that he can ship the damn amp for me.

So what should i do?

The bastard is taking his sweet time with replying to my mails, thats for sure. Im getting pretty pissed off.

What to do?
happened to me too...........once you win something the guy doesnt give a damn because you have to buy it.......he is gonna take his sweet time.............email ebay and tell them and tell the guy since it took so long your not paying shipping.......if he isnt a dick he will just give it up....when it happened to me i said its 2 weeks late so im not paying for shipping....he got all pissed but just refuse and tell him its hi fault
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