Ok...I have a Fender deluxe fat strat, w/a hot rodded humbucker, and a Vox pathfinder 15R...I was thinking about upgrading my gear so I can get better high-gain sounds. I like to listen/play to metal like Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, In Flames, and Witchery, but also stuff like the Chili Peppers, Incubus, and some blues. For distortion, I use a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. So, the more versatile the better, but I don't want to sacrifice the gain-for versitality. I was thinking of either buying a low-end LTD/ESP such as the F-50, or F-100, or upgrading my amp to a Roland Cube 30...and I only have $400. What should I do?
you wont have enough for a cube 30 and an esp......maybe get an ibanez tone blaster, i hear they work pretty well for heavier stuff
The line 6 Dr. Distorto is apparently an extremely versatile distortion pedal...good for anythin from death metal to light rock ive been told
maybe a valveking for now...if it doesn't have enough gain out of the amp then you should be good if you get that with your mt2 in front of it...then get a better guitar later like a schecter or ibanez or jackson and you could keep your strat for your rock or blues stuff
see if you can make it a cube 60 though, much better value for your money.