Andrew opened up the P!AtD thread for me again, but I missed my chance to say something.
I realize this thread will get closed almost immediately, BBBUUUTTT..

All of you who are saying they're guitar parts are too intricate for them to be a real band, therefore making them a studio band, are by far making some of the stupidest statements I have heard yet...besides calling them emo..

I for one cannot stand them.
I do not like them.
I have little to no respect for them, because they never had to play a gig or support themselves before making it big.
BUT, it doesn't mean that since their guitar parts aren't as easy as their counterparts in Fall Out Boy, doesn't mean they are manufactored.

Have you guys ever heard of The Fall of Troy?
Do you realize they started when they were collectively around 17 and they are now all of 19?
Does this make them a studio band?

Think before you speak.
Guitar lessons are your friends.

I'm done.
Thank you.
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edit: wow, did anyone else not notice that we have a new mod?
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He's kind of a big deal.

edit: wow, did anyone else not notice that we have a new mod?

He is..?

&waterproofpie or whatever?
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I don't understand.

&yeah, she's been one for a while I think. Never posts though I don't think.

Nah, she was just modded a week or two ago and most of her posts are in the punk and ska forum.
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And oh, is Jeff gone for a while or something?

Nope. I'm still here

And *Closed*.

Kind of stupid to start a new thread just to get a last word in.
It's alright J Lock

I didn't even realise waterproofpie was a mod in here. Wonder what else has changed without being told about it...
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