i'm kinda new to buying pickups so i would love some opions.

I was looking in to seymour duncan humbuckers, and i was wondering was pickups are the best in your opion for heavy meatal, and one for the best clean sound. i was thinking on livewire metal and livewire classic. If you could help i would really apreciate it. Thanks
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the seymour duncan sh-13 dimebuckers is what dimebag darrell(pantera) used

Nope. It's what he got a ton of money from SD to put his name on. He played Bill Lawrence's.
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i was thinking on those for distorted but they didn't sound really good for clean

You could just get one for the bridge and get something with a good clean for the neck
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Definitely look into some other manufacturers. Where are you, and what currency are we talking?
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