I dont like the position of the pickup selector switch on my Dean Hardtail select. It's set to go up and down at a 90 deg angle unlike a Strat's switch which goes up and down at a 45 deg angle. This makes it harder for me to switch pickups while I am playing. So, I opened up the back plate and turned the switch to a more confortable angle close to that of a strat's. This proved to be a disaster, since my neck pickup lost all output and the guitar started humming a lot. Yesterday, I opened it up again and noticed that if the switch is touching the inside wood which seems to be coated with some sort of metallic paint the humming is more prominent and the pickup loses its output. Once I set the switch back to its original position, the guitar is dead quiet. So, for you guys who have bought a used guitar or something and you have lots of noise, check your electronics ...

Anyway, my problem with the switch angle is still there. Can I get a bigger one of those black plastic things which screws on top of the switch ? can I put some oil or lubricant on the switch that would make the switching lot easier ? Any suggestions? I had the opportunity to play on a Dimebag Dean guitar and its pickup switch was a lot smoother and it had a bigger one of those black things that screw on top. Can I buy that switch and use it with this guitar?


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