i like dunlop stubbies the 2mm ones
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marbled green fender, ultra thin
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i used to use a dava metal tip one, but got weened off it by pickboys carbon nylon .88s
i love the paul gilbert signiture picks, They made by ibanez and quite hard to get hold of. They're really heavy. They're pretty much like a jim dunlop jazz III plec but a bit thinner, I've played with other plectrums but theres always just one thing which makes it a little worse than the paul gilbert ones. Perfection for my right hand.
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Dunlop Tortex .88mm
i use gibson usa heavy bass picks on an electric guitar
Dunlop Big Stubbies 3mm

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i used to use the fender medium california clears, but now i use dunlop tortex .60mm picks (the orange ones), and they serve me more than well
Fender 1.0 mm heavies, not too thick or too thin, good color selection, fairly long lasting, decent price. Also, I usually just grab a handful of heavies whenever I go to a guitar store. I have soooo many picks.

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my dunlop stubby, and this orange pick...im guessing a dunlop tortex..i think it's heavy, not so sure..i found it in my room...amongst my fender mediums i used to use when i wasn't as good as i've gotten now..like three-four months ago...god i have so many picks
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dunlop .60, they seem popular, just enough thickness to seem sturdy but thin enough for fast picking.
D-Tortex 1.0mm
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