I have searched the fender website far and wide for this strat, and i cant fide one that matches it... It's finish is natural wood and im pretty sure it has a maple fingerboard but it feels like there is an extra layer of laquer (sp?) or something over the wood so its much smoother than a usual fretboard, it has a black pickguard, is a S-S-S, has a tremolo obviously, and when you flip it over it has a rectangle cut out of the back with some stuff in it that might be electronics or springs ( i have no clue), i desperately want this strat but cant seem to find it. Does anyone now at least what type of strat this is and what website i could find it on? Thanks in advance.
Note: i should be getting a pic of it in a few days hopefully.
Sounds like mine.

(The one on the left)

EDIT just for reference, it's a Lite Ash, and if you need more pics, just tell me.
Hope you find your strat. If you get it, maybe you can finally solve the mystery on what is REALLY behind that weird rectangle thing. Nobody knows.
I Got A Generic Squire Showmaster And I Cant Find Another One Like It Anywhere Either!
Its Not On The Offical Website And Its Not A Discontinued Seiries!
Its Black With 1 Humbucker And 2 Single Coil Pickups And Its Got A Floyd-rose Trem System.
Its Also Got This Wierd Screw On The Back Of The Neck That Evryone 1 Ask Dosent Have A Clue What I Dose Or Is?!
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that would be the link to the pic ^^

I guess he ment the guy who was to lazy to make his own Thread
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im sure thats the one because i called my friend to check the year for me and his was a 77, but i guess any strat similar to that one is just fine. thanks people.
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You could get a Fender MIA 70's Strat
Thats 1200-1400
Here is a cheaper, still fender, 70s strat.
It's only 700.

Try one at a store before buying one, the necks feel pretty strange compared to most strats. I've tried the 1400 one and was not all that impressed, and I am generally impressed with fender's work. So try, then buy.
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yea, i love the 77's fretboard though, because my friend has one and i love it, then i went to guitar center to try an american strat and the fretboard on that felt like crap compared to the 77, and i dont know what is so different about them either....
Its Also Got This Wierd Screw On The Back Of The Neck That Evryone 1 Ask Dosent Have A Clue What I Dose Or Is?!
lmao, do you mean a bolt on neck?