Sand the original paint off, spray it red, mark where the black's going to go after its dry, spray the black on, mark where the whites going to go when th blacks dry and spray the white on, then spray some clearcoat on, its more complicated than that but thats how to put it simply
^ yeah that's basically it, Just follow every other solid colored paitning instruction, and paint your stripes durign the step you paint your color.
Thats bull sh*t. You cant paint white over black with out having tons of bleed thru. You need to sand off the old paint. Then primer it, lay down a white base coat. The mark off and spray the red. Then finally lay the black over the top of that. It will work easier with out tons of sanding and starting over.
actually you can, and ive done it...on my old strat pickguard and im pretty sure sum1 else in the world has done it before, and if you do know anything, you would know that the base color of an EVH Frankenstrat is red....so..blah