I own a Schecter C1 Blackjack with the JB/59 combo. I currently own a SS Crate XT120R combo. Would upgrading to a tube amp change my tone a lot or should I switch the pickups to EMG's? I was looking at Mesa and Peavey amps. I have a budget of about 1000-1400 USD and I play metal like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and some nu metal like Mudvayne, Korn, and sevendust. I found this on the mesa website, does it look good for my criteria?

if your going to get a mesa the rectifier really is the way to go. Then just save up for a cab.

Some other good amps

vht pitbull
engl fireball
engl powerball
A Mesa Single Rectifier sounds like it would do the job nicely. It's cleans are a little throaty, but if you're not horribley concerned about having sparkling clean tones, then the Recto will nail all of the other tones that you're looking for.
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