I'm going to a custom/repair shop tomorrow because they deal with FR's and I'm taking in my Epi Les Paul to get the action lowered because I love it low like my Stagemaster Anyways, Is there anything I need to know about action and getting it changed. All I know is that action is how close the strings to the fretboard.
I'd also like to know how long this takes.
Any Info. is appreciated
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Chances are good that this is what they'll do:


They may not do everything there, or they may do everything there. It depends on your guitar. If it was properly set-up in the first place, they may not need to do much.
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Do you have any Idea how long this will take if they do it all?
like a couple of days?
A week?
Epi LP--->Digitech RP3--->Crate GT-200
you can just loosen the top screw and turn the thumbwheel urself. lower the bridge, and see if u like it, before u bring it in. will take about 15 mins.

thumbwheel pointed to by red arrow.

go lower and if you get any fret buzz, pick it back up a bit.

phil's pic.

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