im in love with the shape of the Gibson Ex-plorer, but i cant find a guitar company who makes guitars with a similar shape, since i am left handed.

so if any one could tell me if they kno a company that makes the Ex-plorer style lefty,it would b appreciated,

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gibson will custom make a lefty explorer, but big $$$

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Hamer Standard.
Ibanez Destroyer.

but r they availible lefthand?
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
I thought that epi had a left handed explorer? I'm going to go check..

Edit: I couldn't find any..they just have right handed ones on Musician's Friend...
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ESP makes a similar shaped guitar, they used to make the exact same body as the Explorer but when gibson got pissed they made ESP take it out of their production, James Hetfield used to use one. They now make the EX body.

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its probably ALOT worse too... its an sx...
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why is this? its still mahogany body and maple set neck.
quality of the wood, the number of pieces used to make the guitar(lack of information makes me think this is plywood), contruction of the guitar, the electronics used...

just because a guitar is made out of desirable materials, doesnt mean its going to be good, and also, sx guitars dont get the greatest of review... lastly you cant try the guitar before you play it
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That has inspired me to buy an SX. I'm poor like a mofo and I also like the Explorer style.
This is the exact reason why I encourage newbies to learn how play right-handed guitars regardless of what dominance they are. You will run into problems trying to find decently priced lefty guitars. But good-luck TS! I like those guiatars too, and I would hate to see you not play one.
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^Regardless of how good he is now, it's always a good idea to at least try and. I did it and can't imagine how hard it must be trying to find your perfect guitar when less than 5% of guitars are lefty. But to the threadstarter, try emailing Epi- they might manufacture some lefty models but don't advertise them on the site, or don't widely distribute them. Otherwise look into Ibanez Destroyers, ESPs and Jackson Warriors (i think that's the name of their Explorer copy), or go hardcore and make your own...
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I still would recommend the SX ones, but thats just me, you could find your sound better, get better pickups, then buy a much better amp, then later on you could wrry about getting a better "custom" made guitar for a much higher price
but thats just me