Hey, Does any one know what awesome pedal Daron, the guitarist from system of a down , uses ? The one that sounds so "egyptianish"....So ancient....So ...AWESOME.
Wouldn't everyone agree? If you dont know what im talking about, here: Listen to the solo of the either of the songs "Lonely Day" or "Hypnotize"...You here that sound? What kinda' pedal gives that awesome sound? Because' when i play solos to those songs it sounds like crap (and it is NOT because of my guitar playing!). I'm really interested in buying a pedal like that (i wanna' sound a little more like Daron lol). And can you tell me what brand makes a good pedal (of the kind that im askin' about).



Please respond soon
i dont listen to SOAD, but when u sais "mandolin" automatically, the danelectro sitar simulator came to mind
since when do mandolins have anything to do with Egypt? isnt it Spanish or Italian?
anywho, i'll go give one of those songs a listen n see what you're on aboot

EDIT: **** that, i checked their myspace, and they have 4 videos playing simultaneously and no way to stop them, so i couldnt listen to any of the songs. you're on your own. it is definitely a guitar he's playing, yes?
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Yes, I know the pedal well. His name is Jim and we spent a glorious summer together...

Seriously though, probably just a pitch shifter as call1800ksmyazz said.
digitech whammy, no questions asked. will give you everything you need. once you learn to use it, youll love it
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