Um. Some parts were too slow
Some were sloppy
You missed alot of notes
And some of the bends were off

But pretty good
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^OverBENT, SuperSnake, not bended:P.

Anywhom, it was a good solo. There was a definite amount of sloppiness, but it's a really fast song, and I'm sure you'll get faster.
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
Yea, I watched it again and I definately messed up a few times. Oh well, I'll have to practice some more
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I love Trivium solos, and they are pretty damn hard. It was sloppy, but still pretty good.
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With a little more practice, for speed and make it clean, this will be great.
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Well it isnt hard to bend a string that has the tension of a piece of well cooked spaghetti, especially when you have hands like goalkeeper gloves

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