I'm a bassist of 3 years and a harmonica player and bought my first acoustic guitar today. My only goal is to be able to play some blues - slide and fingerpicking (Jansch style). I am getting lessons but they are dealing with fingerpicking.

I wanted to ask what the best way to teach myself to tune by ear is? Because my tuner is being very very tempermental and I figured I should really know by now how to do it on both bass and guitar. I definately need to train my ears in someway as I still have reall problems telling whether a note is higher or lower. Wierd as hell.

That's the most important question but on the side, can any of you recommend any slide song or any books or techniqes for general blues that I should look into?

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i think there is a guitar book tahts for beginner blues
Hal Leonard, Guitar method, blues guitar
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Tuningwise, learn to tune using the reverberations, deaf people can do it.

Then hopefully your ear will gradually improve.
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