Probably the best way to get an answer to my question is to explain the situation.

I'm finally back and underway with the gigging circuit and I've got 2 electric guitars, an elec. bass and a acoustic guitar that I want to run all through a single preamp rack or mixer that allows me to fiddle around with the EQ and Gain Settings for each individual guitar. Then I want to run out of the unit and then into either a PA system or have the option ...

(this is actually more critical, being as how the PA system will get its signal by having a mic infront of the individual amps)

of just running out of the unit into each seperate guitar amp.

In case thats not clear....to summize...I want to run my guitar through a preamp with eq/gain controls, and then back out to my amp. I then want to repeat that process for each guitar.

I'm just trying to centralize my bands tone and volume levels into one unit, Idealy for under 200 bucks. (Nothing special, output to computer not neccesary)

any suggestions?
why would you want to send it through twice? you'd need more inputs for the p.a.

why not just mic the amps then run them straight into the p.a.? as the p.a. will already have a mixer/pre amp on it.
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i'm not running through anything twice...

guitar 1--------------------\ /------ amp1
guitar 2---------------------\ preamp ----/ ------- amp 2
bass-------------------------/ \-------- bass amp
acoustic guitar -----------/ \------- amp 3

the reason i woudn't go into a PA is for 2 reasons....

1. I want my amps tone

2. Each guitar will have their own pedal board