Hey just browin' through UG and thought ive never posted any of my music on here so...
heres the noise me and my band created. I know the mix isn't great i need to be louder, and the singer quietier, but, whatever tell me what you think of the song and lyrics etc. Listen to Too Hot To Handle on here www.myspace.com/mythclassicrock
"Often licked never beaten......I wish"

"liquor in the front, poker in the back"
Wow, I liked that a lot. No main complaints, other than the fact that the chorus got a little repetetive. Yes, I know I can't spell.
thanks man im glad you liked it yeah we need to do something at the end of the last chorus and make it less doney, put more vocal variety in. glad you liked it if one person here likes it it reassures me were doing something right. Anyone else wanna crit please? It would be very helpful.
"Often licked never beaten......I wish"

"liquor in the front, poker in the back"
some cool stuff here. i like the tone on both guitars. the singer has a good voice for this kind of song, it fits very well. But the way the chorus is sung very fast is kind could get annoying --- i dont mind it much, but if you were to listen to the song a hundred times with a critical ear youd probably wish it were different.

overall, great job, i really liked it. well recorded too. crit mine?
Too Hot to Handle sounds like something nickleback would sing..it sounds pretty good though.
lol i like nickelback.......hahaha!
"Often licked never beaten......I wish"

"liquor in the front, poker in the back"
wow, you guys are pretty good...i liked that first song, too hot to handle...and just like what other's have said, that does sound nickelback-esque...
im liking the nickelback comparisons, i couldnt see how we are but its differcult comparing your own music. I really love the new nickelback albums lyrics espcially animals, fight for all the wrong reasons..Our new stuff is heavier and faster ill make sure i post some when we record. i may post some of our other songs on here soon (not the new ones) aswell. anyway keep the crit coming. is there anything you think needs to be improved?
"Often licked never beaten......I wish"

"liquor in the front, poker in the back"
Too Hot To Handle

I like the overall sound here. Nice and raw. The vocals are surprisingly good, allthough they get a bit annoying. The background guitar's volume should be louder as it now gets overpowered by the other instruments, and becomes only noise in the background. The solo was quite sloppy and lacking some good ideas.

All in all, it's a pretty good song. Should be a bit shorter IMO.


I like the guitar/bass riffs in the beginning. Then again, some sloppyness as the song goes on. I don't really know what to say about this. IMO this wasn't as good as the other one.
here goes...

damn catchy riff you have to start off. Vocals are just as catchy, if not the best voice in the world.

Chorus is a bit repetive the next time around...

Angus Young definitely comes to mind. Some of it was a bit sloppy, especially with some flat bends, but it still was nicely done.

I just suggest turning up the other instruments, so your voice can mesh in better. Other than that, this was great. Catchy, to the point, nice tune.