this is probably a newbish question but how do you pull off the following:

-----12 b-------

b = full bend

i dunno how this works. someone please explain.

i ran into this problem with what should be an easy solo - 3 doors down - road i'm on

thanks for the help.

oh, and this is on the high b and e strings, so you cant bend the 12th fret down towards the floor.
its perhaps wrong, or you use a slide (a bottle one i mean) on the 12th. by looking at it i think that it was meant to have the bend on the 15th.
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Odds are it's a typo. It is possible to bend the high e off the fretboard, but my guess it it's a typo.
yer its a unison bend its supposed to bend the 15th fret up to the pitch of the 12th fret on the low e string the tabs most probably just wrong.
Bending the octave, I'm guessing it's in E minor, is going to sound like crap, especially if it's only a whole step. So I'm going to say typo.


edit* or just listen to the other peeps they actualy know the song
meow :3