I always worry about things when I start something I love, and now guitar I worry that my fingers are too small, I have no trouble with what I do, but I worry that in the future they won't be big enough, it might be my mind playing tricks, anyways to my question, do they make guitar necks for different size (length) fingers.
no, but some companies ave thinner and thicker necks. don't worry bout it youll be fine.
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Ibanez with wizard neck: Small and thin generally.....
Les Paul: Fatter neck generally not good for you
any shredding guys with smaller fingers... I dunno how to explain it I'm not saying I have unusually small fingers, I just need to see something to make sure it's possible, I just worry sometimes.
Personally, i think you should learn to play on a full size. Because at first we all feel very akward playing anyway, and your going to do yourself no favours playing on a smaller guitar in the long term
small hands probably means small dick
ha, i heard that from my friend a few weeks ago, he said" if you have small hands, it usually means it's because you have a small dick"
Try out a fender mustang. Their necks tend to be a little more slender than most. Give it a try.
well I'm not necasarilly saying I have small hands, in fact in comparison to my friends they are just a bit bigger, but I just worry even if people have told me that finger size doesnt make much a difference, its just until I actually see somebody, i.e. a guy with small fingers playing a guitar would help.
My hands are quite small, and I can play.

It's all about stretching excersizes.
As long as you can touch all strings on the neck, then your hands arn't too small...
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well you could get a 3/4 size guitar, but it is probably better just to learn on a big one. There is probably no problem, you'd need really small finger for it to be.

1/2 and 3/4 size guitars are only for kids, no?
Dude. just play and your fingers will stretch. You'd be suprised how far your fingers will stretch comfortably after youve been playing for a while. It's all practice. I don't think I've ever met anyone with fingers that were too small to play guitar. Small fingers just means you've got less skin and bones to move. :]
yeah man, your fingers will stretch
at least you don't have a crooked one >=[
thanks for all the support, I'm starting to feel better about the whole thing.
what about those of us with bigger fingers? im really skinny n all but my hands are long and not so fat but because of the length of them i press down on 2-3 strings with one finger by accident.

like if i try to play

-4 or 0
-2 3
-5 4

my fingers will press down on the previous lower strings and theyl be almost absolutley muted or become a wierd harmonic

also i heard b.c. rich has really thick necks which ive held before dont think its that thick but it seems to help me with it
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