I'm writing a song currently about how people nowadays live monotonous lives where they work in offices from nine to five everyday with ten vacation days a year. They only operate in structured environments and can never go outside of their coprorate suburbian bubble. They never celebrate anything, because holidays have become just an excuse to give out presents and cheat on your diet. No one actually goes out and celebrates life itself. This song is going to be about breaking away from that and living with change and happiness and freedom. I'm looking specifically for something to embody that freedom. Prefferably an animal, not an eagle because thats a little cliche and not a deer becuase there are a bunch of songs about similar topics with deer in them, that can symbolize just running free and beautiful and having the ultimate, absolute freedom.
Note: please don't say that death is the ultimate freedom, this song is supposed to be about the celebration of life.
Phish Phan
If there's a jam out there, I'm probably listening to it.

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Subjects you may consider refrencing:

The Pentagram (A very positive symbol if you do your history)
"Heaven" (If you believe in such a place)
A freed convict
The earth as a whole

It's hard to pick animals without beeing cliche - eagle and deer, as well as panther, are pretty much the only ones that would make sense with the subject, but have been used abundantly. You sure as hell can't say "celebrate my life, running free like a koala.."
Fears a powerful thing
Hmm. If you're looking for animals I'd have to say to some degree a dolphin or some marine life. They swim all day and just don't have a care in the world. Especially dolphins because they are so sociable(sp?) within their pod. But Good Eye Closed has a good idea with the freed convict and Buddha. I don't really believe so much with earth partly because he's writing about the majority of people within it(or at least majority of people within the U.S.). I hope my comment has help in some way. If you would please crit my latest song "Justified". The link is here---> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=370310 . Thank you.