the BOSS DS-1 isnt all THAT wonderful. I use it through a clean amp setting, and the picking is still rather muddy and just, bleh sounding at times. However, if you happen to be a player of punk or another genre that uses primarily power chords, the pedal's very good for those
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what amp do u have. what music do u play, whats ur budget? and this is the wrong section.

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no not digitech...they are so digital that its embarassing

Boss isnt too bad. Not the best..
The best idea is to go into a store, and try out the pedals. My best suggestion is go for the Digitech pedals. they have multiple distortion pedals, ranging in amount of distortion. I personally use a Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal and a Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal.
I'd go with a BOSS Metal-Zone.
It's a little pricey, but worth it.
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what do the frets actually do apart from seperating one note from another?

id go with a line6 uber metal

boss makes nice effects, but their distortions completely suck IMO

or... for more variety, a rocktron silver dragon. gives a nice tube overdrive and can also give a reallllly heavy sound when cranked
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he's right, and he plays prs so that's proof.

I have one it's my favorite thing in my pedalboard, if I lost it or got it stolen I'd kill someone, you can get kickass distortion out of it easily but tone's tweak-necessary...and to boot you get a noise gate and scoop
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Keeley modded ds-1 ultra I just put one on order
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