Hey, i need an overdrive pedal. Im getting a fender hot rod deville 212, and although i love the cleans, i find the overdrive rather lacking. Anyway, i want a good solid pedal which really can get down to business and do the dirty work for me. She's gotta be able to handle all kinds of rock and grunge, and also a little metal. Thanks.
for overdrive go for the tube screamer, but what you de3scribe is more distortion than overdrive, so I say go with the df-7 from digitech its not that expensive, has a lot of kinds of distortions and is worth it
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Hey there
Depends on how much money you wanna spend you can buy a Boss SD 1 or a Jim Dunlop Custom Audio Electronics Boost/Overdrive. If you have the money, I recommend you to go for the Dunlop C.A.E. Boost Overdrive since it's a great box and I'm pretty sure it can handles what you want from it. Theres also the Dunlop Zakk Wylde overdrive that seems nice. Check it out !
Fulltone OCD or Fulldrive, although those are a tad expensive
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Definately go for the Digitech DF-7. It is a Tube Screamer, a DS-1,a Metal Zone etc... In my oppinion the best distortion pedal you can buy and it's all I'll ever need in the way of distortion/overdrive pedals. Too bad it isn't true bypass though.
Oh, i thought overdrive and distortion was the one and same

Okay, thanks guy, ill check all of those you mentioned out and see how they are. But they're not mostly suited for metal though? Coz i really don't play all that much metal