I've been trying to learn more about progressions lately, but I've gotten stuck on something. If I have a I vi I IV V I (C Am C F G C) progression, does that mean that for the melody I can only use the notes in the C Major scale since the progression is based on the C Major scale? Or are there other scales I can use that sound decent?

Thanks for your help.
I'm honestly not sure, but I think you wanna stay in the the C Major scale
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C major is the obvious choice, though there are other things you can do. You can treat each chord as a new thing to mess around with. You can play C Phrygian Dominant, then A melodic minor, then C Mixolydian, then F Mixolydian b6 and some other scales for the rest of the chords. I doubt those scales will sound good, but they are just examples.

PS-This is a jazz thing. It is complex and hard.
You can also play mostly C major stuff but add in some chromatic passing tones. For instance, as you go from A minor back to C, you might want to play A Bb B during the last three 8th notes before the C, ending the phrase with a C note played during the C chord.

As always, use your ear, judgement, and good taste to decide if it's right. If it sounds good, it is acceptable.

Get it?
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