ive decided i want to get a bass compression stomp box and ive got my eye on the digitech squezze at the moment. has n e 1 got n e susgestions a what i should get. o and how big a differance will this pedal make. i play alot of funk bass which mainly involves slapping. thanks scott
I have the digitech and i love it. I highly recommend it.
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boss LMB-3 is incredible. digitech is good too ^
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From a pedal newb - what the heck does a compression pedal do? Does it just even out the sound levels?
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From a pedal newb - what the heck does a compression pedal do? Does it just even out the sound levels?

basically, yes. It's most useful in slap and pop, where the slaps and pops need to be the same volume as the regular notes. It also makes sure all the notes are even volume while picking.

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I use the boss CS-3. It's great, but I bought it used and it's got some issues.

even new i find it's an especially noisy pedal.
^ compressiosn tend to do that, since they amplify even teh tiniest noises.

basically a compression makes loud noises quiet quiet noises loud and u hear almost EVERYTHING u do. its great if u like doing hammer ons and taps but arent exceptionally strong in teh fingers, or if ur like me and jump around alot making the dynamics of ur notes a little uneven.
^The boss LMB 3 doesnt really do that...It just makes the loud noises quieter and doesnt do much to the quieter noises...It doesnt produce a lot of hiss or noise but it doesnt amplify the lower noises like when I play a harmonic or do some quiet tapping, it isnt level with the louder fingerstlye and slapped/popped notes...I dunno maybe its just my settings that arent working...Can someone with this pedal help me?

also I'm using the recommended settings that come in the little booklet yet the pedal limits but it doesnt enhance...One configuration in the little booklet says "Limiter' and the other says "Enhancer"...I guess you cant do both at one time without turining the enhance knob way up, which causes hiss and noise...

And, is a limiter enhancer the same as a compressor?
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the boss lmb3 ism't exactly compression they split the two halves i guess u can say so u can refine ur settings further, most compression pedals have two or 3 knobs as opposed to the lmb3's 4 knobs. the "enhancer" half is hwat causes the hiss in most compression pedals.
the lmb3 limits and enhances depending on ur settings, while most compressions do both at the same time.
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And, is a limiter enhancer the same as a compressor?

No. The Boss LMB-3 is NOT a compressor pedal. It's a limiter. There is a subtle difference. a limiter is basically a compressor with a massive ratio, which causes it to limit or cap anything over a certain threshold. it does not raise the noise floor and reduce the dynamic range like a compressor does. do not confuse the two. the enhancer just bigs up your hi's and low's i believe..

hope this helps

compression is a vast area which takes a while to master. if used correctly, you shouldn't hear it working. which makes it hard to get right first of all.

to the person who is using the LMB-3, try your settings on level - 12 o'clock, enahance - min, ratio - 12 o'clock and thrsd - 9 o'clock.