From what I have read, pedals like a Tube Screamer are really only for Tube amps, I understand that. Before anyone tells me to only buy a good tube amp, I already understand that. I was wondering though, what does happen when you try a tube screamer on a ss amp like a Cube set on clean. Does it not work at all, or just not sound good, or what?
it would barely get you anything, since their not designed for SS. If you want an SS overdrive get the Boss Overdrive (OD-3) but not The Super Overdrive, thats for tube also
Tube Screamers are usually used as boosts with tube amps, with the gain all the way down, and the volume all the way up. It cranks a tube amp harder, adding more gain. I guess you could make it sound like that with an SS if you turn the gain up to maybe 3, and the volume all the way up.

Although that's what the Tube Screamer got famous for, it's also a great overdrive pedal, with a very natural sound that sounds like your amp, as opposed to something that colors your sound.
it doesnt sound bad, it has a decent saturated sound, but you lose a lott of low end, and for the price it makes more sense to just buy a flat out distortion pedal because whatever od you buy will never live up to its potential, sound wise or money wise,
How about you stroll down to your local guitar shop? Carry out your little experiment and let us know how it sounds.

I'm curious to what your opinion will be.
I kind of live in the sticks and a decent guitar shop (that I can stand) is not close. I may buy one and try it. If I dont like it I can give it my son who also plays or I can keep it till I have a tube amp, or I can sell it. No big deal really. I appreciate the responce. You guys think the Boss od-3 is good eh? I'l let you know my opinion if I do.
The Boss OD-3 is supposed to sound great on a tube amp, not sure on a solid state amp, but it's worth a try if money isn't a huge issue.

I plan on getting one when I get a tube amp in the near future.
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^I've got an OD-3, I don't think it's made for solid state amps though.... 'coz it sounds pretty damn good as a booster for my amp.
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I have the OS-2 (overdrive/distortion) and you can get some pretty cool tones out of it, even on a solid state amp. I think it might be worth looking into that. Even if you don't like the OD, it has pretty decent distortion. It's no metal zone, but it has enough gain to do some nice hard rock to a little bit of metal.
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