Welcome to the Switchfoot thread. Everything spoke in here is about Switchfoot. Switchfoot is a cross between Religous and Modern Rock. I have two CDs. Yay me!
man.... I think the only type that is close to this kinnda music that I even like is Theory of a Deadman..... and I don't mean to insult them. My opinion ofcourse, but what is it about Switchfoot that gets you off?
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yea switchfoot kicks ass

but it goes into the other
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I saw them live and i have all of their CDs. The live show was awesome Jon Foreman kept pissing of the securety guard.
i think switchfoot are quite bland.
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the only song i've heard is the shadow proves the sunshine, which i love cos it reminds me of colin (bumoffbarney), as he sent it to me. but erm, yeah that songs cool but i'm not really enthused to go check out some more. maybe one day.
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i love switchfoot, and i think that meant to live is an awesome song. i think their lyrics are really good, and the music's cool as well

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Don't really care for them, I saw one of their video's once and I saw that one of the guitar players had a NIN sticker on his guitar so that was like the only think that made me not totally hate them lol... but tbh they're pretty boring... if you like em that's cool... but I don't believe they belong here.
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